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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Clinton and the white blue-collar, lunchbucket voters

Further support for this position can be found at the Wall Street Journal, column by Peggy Noonan May 9, 2008 "Damsel of Distress":

"To play the race card as Mrs. Clinton has, to highlight and encourage a sense that we are crudely divided as a nation, to make your argument a brute and cynical "the black guy can't win but the white girl can" is -- well, so vulgar, so cynical, so cold, that once again a Clinton is making us turn off the television in case the children walk by."

And here is a little something from the NY Times about Hillary's position on who is getting the white vote to help confirm the position I'm taking...

My original post:

As always, Keith Oberman is one of the most brilliant and insightful commentators on politics in this country. Click on his name above and hear his special commentary on Hillary's continuing connection to racism that enables her to keep close to the white blue-collar crowd that harbors some degree of prejudice against blacks. She is using a disgusting wink-wink, nudge-nudge strategy to throw back a brewski with the Archie Bunker crowd, while claiming to be above the fray created by the likes of Geraldine Ferraro. White people must stand up to this type of insidious racism being practiced by the Clinton campaign. (see my earlier posts on Bill Clinton and his notorious South Carolina bigoted comments). Whites wonder why blacks and other people of color don't trust what we say. Hillary is a perfect example. By sliding by she does every one of us a disservice in getting past the racial divides that plague our country. Listen to Barak's speech on race relations again. It is stirring, it is real, it pulls no punches. The same cannot be said for Hillary and her campaign of innuendos and sly racism. Shame on you Hillary. I can't vote for you.

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