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Monday, September 22, 2008

Money and Politics

The presidential race is entering the home stretch - debates begin Friday and we should expect some ugliness in October. How far will the Republicans and their surrogates push the race envelope? They are already doing their normal Rovian lying technique - tell a lie often enough and people will believe it. When it becomes the "truth" the Dems have to spend time tearing it down. Will there be whispers of a white mistress? Will there be links to Farakhan or other black militants? Did you see the disgusting display at the God fearing Family Focus conference of Obama on a pancake box as Aunt J with the backside showing him in a turban pointing to Mecca. I kid you not. This of course is then "exposed" by the media - giving further publicity to these racists. I am so thoroughly disgusted by it all I can't even think straight.

My bigger concern is this Wall Street crisis. How long will it take before whispers are heard about Obama's ability to manage the money? If you know the movie - Trading Places - the old geezers are overheard chortling that they would never let a N..... run their firm (Eddy Murphy as the hero thrust into the role of money manager). Will the Bernacke's and Paulson's of the world hand the keys to the safe over to Obama? We are in a full-scale economic meltdown that is scaring the pants off of a lot of people. We've already heard from a couple of good ole boy representatives from KY and GA call Obama uppity and a boy. What impact will this bailout of a gazillion bucks do to heighten fears about who is in charge? It's setting up to be a perfect storm.

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