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Monday, January 19, 2009

A dreamer, a doer, who's next?

It's amazing isn't it? Everywhere I go, people are talking about politics, public officials, public issues, and hope. I spent time with quite a few friends over the last few days and people are taking time to hope, be optimistic, and set aside their stress while our new President is inaugurated and people celebrate.

I have never known political optimism in this way. I grew up during the VN War, followed by Watergate, WIN, our National Malaise, Just Say No, etc. I grew up with the assumption that at any moment some idiot would press a button and we would all be vaporized. Good thing I was taught to get under a desk or build a bomb shelter in the backyard! I remember seeing JFK's funeral on TV, but didn't understand it. I understood too well what it meant when MLK's funeral was on TV. And I still get teary eyed when I think about Teddy Kennedy eulogizing his brother, RFK, at his funeral.

So, I am awed, inspired, and a little bit overwhelmed at the prospect of being in Washington, DC to see Obama sworn in as President. I want to be part of the euphoria, the optimism, the expectation for the future. Should be fun!

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Mz.Still09 said...

hello, My name is Morrisa Still and I am in mr. Wakes humanities class. I decided to comment this particular blog because i to am happy to see history change. although i was not in washington at the time of the inauguration, you better believe i was glued to my tv.Mr. wakes tells us you have an interest in camden and people in it i believe he told us you are righting somthing on it. If you have any questions you wana ask please feel free to blog me with any questions.