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Saturday, June 13, 2009

What to do with Camden's Northgate I?

So the CP has another story of political bluster on "fixing" Northgate I. I think the building should be demolished and stop putting bandaids on it. The city does not take care of the street in front of the building. It is in an awful location next to the toll booths (noise, polluted air), and then we wonder why people trash the place. Duh.

What are your suggestions for this building? Mold, bugs, rats, not well constructed to begin with. Can't just fix the plumbing and put bug bombs in apartments to get this thing straight. I think it is Camden's version of pruitt-igoe, the infamous St. Louis public housing hi-rise that was blasted years ago and became the poster child for other cities to do the same. We have so many abandoned units in Camden that could be rehabbed and in fact - done so with GREEN REHAB! Imagine - Camden becoming the green rehab center and all the Northgate people could be relocated. I vote to use our Camden stimulus money for this type of project.

People - Camden has got to get it together and get going!!!

See this link for example of affordable green rehab!

1 comment:

Tyler Tappendorf said...

I agree that Northgate I is probably beyond repair, and I would support razing it. One might hope that the land (along with the vacant lot across the street could eventually become a retail center for North Camden (larger grocery store, etc). As it's right by the toll station, any sign of retail development (or other development) could help change perceptions of Camden by the numerous drivers who pass by before getting on the Bridge.

The other point I wanted to bring up, however, is the relative success of Northgate II. This building, in many ways, is similar architecturally to Northgate I, but because of local, responsive landlords, it has not fallen into disrepair. I think it goes to show that it's not just the architecture which destined this building to failure.

Love the green rehab idea!