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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What is Bias?

Note: the cartoon is from Mike Luckovich blog

The Senate hearings are on and apparently a number of Senators feel that the default setting for the judicial, legal, and rest of the world is the way they see things. Coincidentally, this view emanates from a white, male, perspective that is generally skewed by wealth and education. If you think differently, you are "biased." Judge Sotomayor is getting that "bias" thrown at her at every Republican turn to speak. Well, guess what fellas. It is 2009 and not everyone thinks as you do. In fact, we elected (with a solid majority), a president that thinks differently than you do.

Those that blast Judge S. are certainly entitled to their opinion, to use their venue to espouse that opinion, and to vote accordingly. But I am so very tired of having their opinion defended at my expense. That somehow my opinion is un-American, socialistic, "biased," or some other denigration. Just stand for your own opinion and stop throwing me under the bus.


macon d said...

Yes! I'm hoping that these hearings will get more white people to realize that their being white has a lot to do with who they are, and especially with how they think, how they view and judge the world around them.

I agree that white folks should "just stand by their own opinion," but I also hope they'll come to understand where that opinion comes from -- they're not as "objective" as they tend to assume.

Sara said...

The hypocrisy is astounding.. every time I read something Clarence Thomas has written or said, I wonder if he was raised by white wolves. Here's to hoping someone can sneak Sotomayor by the conservative elite.

Jim West III said...

macon d, I am curious in your opinion, how white people see and judge the world differently than others. Do all white people have a similar view, or is it based more on social status, and education and background?