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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Urban Policy Agenda

The election was like no other and now this new administration is engaging in a transition like no other. Bold and innovative don't begin to describe the way the Obama group is shaping up how government will be approached. From YouTube vids, to podcasts, to blogs, to a completely open and transparent process - you can watch it all unfold AND engage in the process. Talk about a 180 change from the secretive administration of Bush. This is great stuff! Here is the link the to the Urban Policy agenda. It covers a lot of territory and I suspect it will be implemented using many interrelated strategies, new tools, and participation from every corner of our country. I particularly like the attention to "green" approaches to economic development and urban revitalization. These are approaches that make sense and can have a meaningful impact on our cities.It also has a focus on the next generation - urban education, youth violence, technology and new industry - things we can build on, not just the typical panoply of programs.

As an urbanist and someone who is dedicated to the preservation, resurrection, and advancement of cities as a significant piece of our national fabric, I am elated that we have a new administration that a: knows what a city is, b: understands that "urban" is not a dirty word and c: is willing to be bold and creative in actually making a difference with federal policies towards our cities. Honestly, not since Nixon have we seen such attention given to Urban America and this broad of a scale. Clinton paid attention to cities but the attention was narrowly focused and conceived. He was more about "reform" than "innovative." But that was his place in history and I get that. Obama has the luxury of a paradigm shift and is taking full advantage of it. Very Kennedy-esque. You might want to bookmark and visit it often. It is where our country is going and it will be a great ride!

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Sandie said...

It is an exciting time for the City. I can't wait to see it unfold.