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Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's Thanksgiving

As a vegetarian, I am not participating in the traditional bird binge. However, I do have my veggies at the ready and plan to have a nice meal. Watching and listening to the events unfold in India tonight, I thought it was time to pause, reflect, and realize all that I am thankful for.

that I live in a country where I probably won't ever face a situation of chaos like they had in Mumbai tonight.

that I am not reeling from the economic collapse, mainly because I downsized years ago thanks to the urging of a good friend.

that I will see friends over the long weekend and enjoy their company rather than get into the shopping frenzy of the 5am crowd on Friday.

that our new president-elect has acted more presidential since Nov. 4th this year than our current president has in the last 8 years. This bodes well for our country.

that there is very little open hostility from extreme quarters about Obama's race.

that I feel like I am making a difference by having taken this new job even though I have moved so far from everyone I love.

that I have the serenity to keep me from going ballistic on my frat house neighbors.

that I have people to care for my cat while I am out of town.

that I am aware, alive, and purposeful on this planet and enjoy all the people, places and goings on around me and in my life. Not too shabby.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

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