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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Global Warmning Wanes as Hell Freezes Over

The old school opinion said it would never happen - but it did. The victory of Obama as our 44th Prez defies superlatives. I've been trying to wrap my head around it all week. Surely, hell has frozen over. I believe I saw a pig fly by. And there goes a beggar on a horse.

Everything looks different. I have no idea where the stock market is at the moment and I don't care. I have confidence in the new administration and whatever happens - even further catastrophe, I know we have a leader I can believe in and trust. It's like a huge weight has been lifted. No longer do I have to second guess the foxes in the white hen house who sought daily to tear down all that I believe in. It's a miracle.

Instead of reading doom and gloom on the web, I am reading dozens of intelligent, uplifting, spirited essays and stories. The intelligentsia has come out of the closet. I just read a story about Generation O - the young people who worked for Obama and danced in the streets on Tuesday. The author said the Us v. Them of the 60's is now over. Thank God! It was exhausting keeping up that divide. LOL. What happened on Tuesday is what that 60's generation was fighting for. They just forgot that fighting could be turned into positive working - more coalition building and less division. And, voila, the job was done.

The symbolism of making the acceptance speech in Grant Park may be lost on Generation O, but not on those who lived through the 60's. It was there that "the whole world was watching" at the Democratic convention in 1968. Mayor Daley put the cops on the hippies and all hell broke loose. The old man must be wondering why he has to wear a coat now - see the title of this post. But many of us who are not in Generation O get it too. We use Facebook. We text message. We email. We twitter. So maybe it is time to stop labeling the generations and let us all be one. In the old days, people were expected to age with dignity - meaning shrivel up and get out of the way. Not so today. Our Rock n Roll roots continue to drive the modern culture. It is a beautiful blend and the election proved it.

So here is to old and new, hippies and O'ers, Millenium, Gen-Xers, and everyone in between. We are one nation. Yes we can. Yes we did. Yes we will.

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