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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today is THE day!

8am EST: I voted. I cried. I am overwhelmed. The enormity of the day hit me. I thought back to my childhood and all the racism I saw inflicted in Chicago. I thought back to my family and all the times the N word flew. I thought back to my first job as a white minority in a black social service agency. I thought about my white privilege. It is a profound honor to cast my vote for Sen. Obama. I'll check in throughout the day on this blog to record this momentous occasion. Wow.

Noon EST: I'm reading about friends in KC who had to wait hours to vote because the wrong voter registration books were at the polls. Hope people who had to leave will come back later. I can't break away from CNN audio - hearing about reports all over the country on voting experiences. The anticipation is excruciating! The turnout seems to be overwhelming!! What a day!!!

3pm EST: I made 100 phone calls for Obama to voters in Pennsylvania - tough room to work, as these were NOT in Philadelphia. But hey, I did get to talk to 2 people who DID vote for Obama and one sweet older lady who was on her way to go vote for him! Made me feel like I made a contribution to the street effort to GOTV!

Midnight+ EST: I let the returns wash over me like an elixir. I am seeing what I had hoped for. I'm experiencing what I never thought I would see. After FL in 2000 and OH in 2004, now there is no doubt. A victory so stunning, so overwhelming, there is no need for a recount. Watching everyone in Grant Park in Chicago made me homesick, wishing I could be there to enjoy the revelry. Watching the faces of all the people, representing our country, yes OUR country, is profound. Then the speech. Children will learn it and recite it. I wept at its elegance, its hope, its inspiration. I have never been so moved by a political speech, one person's vision for all of us. I will never, never forget this moment. I am so lucky to be here. I look forward to the tomorrow. Yes we can - have hope, have peace, have prosperity, have equality.

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Vanni said...

This is an exciting and momentous day for the world. Yes we can change!